Chitwan Chapeaus

Chitwan Chapeaus

To continue the theme of chapeaus in Nepal, this is a look at the hats being worn in a typical Nepali village right outside Chitwan National Park. Most of the gents are sporting the Nepali Topi, but I don’t tolerate discrimination of any kind, especially not when it comes to hats so there are some others captured here as well. We’ve even got some lady caps this time.


Chitwan Chapeau_5



Chitwan Chapeau_2

Chitwan Chapeau_3

Chitwan Chapeau_4




Yea sure, there is an elephant behind this guy, and elephants are cool too…

Chitwan _5

Some of the baddest ladies in the land, straight kicken’ it before an engagement ceremony.


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  1. Rocio · April 14, 2015

    Those women are straight chillin. Can’t believe you were chillin with them.

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