The Milk Man Is Dead

The Milk Man Is Dead

There’s a new sheriff in town. Well, not really. There never was an old sheriff and there still isn’t one. But if you are in Pokhara,Nepal and need the freshest of fresh milk delivered daily to your doorstep than don’t call the milkman, call Sophia from Worldganics Farm. Each morning at 4:30am she loads up her scooter with 80 liters of organic milk that was inside a cow less than 12 hours ago. She rides through the front gates by 5 and spends the next three hours bringing joy and nutrition to about 90 house holds throughout the city.

When Sophia isn’t making deliveries, or handling the accounting, she is spending her time working through a master’s degree in management. Once she completes her studies than Sophie will join the ranks as the fourth member of Worldganics Farm to have a strategically practical masters degree. Others include economics, education, veterinary. What makes it more impressive is that this isn’t a big corporate operation, the four people with masters degrees are the only four people on the farm.


Here is a photo breakdown of the process:


Annapurna - milk man_6

The Milk comes from this guy and his fellow Moo-ers


Annapurna - milk man

We sat in the dark, and poured milk into bags.

Annapurna - milk man_2

We delivered some milk

Annapurna - milk man_3

Then we got a flat tire

Annapurna - milk man_4

Sophia started to make foot deliveries

Annapurna - milk man_5

I mosyed around and took pictures

The End =)

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  1. Erica · December 17, 2014

    Those mountains in the distance are unreal. Also what a cutie in shot #2 : )

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