A Subsequently Spooky Scene on Halloween

A Subsequently Spooky Scene on Halloween

Nepalese, Fins, Canadians, Kiwis Argentinians and Amerrrricans from east to west came together to celebrate the hallows eve in Nepal. For better or worse there was no candy, carved pumpkins, or decorations, but night fell and the crazies came out. I was surprised, but apparently more and more people from around the world are adopting the tradition. We ended up in a bar not half as sweaty as it was smokey, yet an hour into the bands rockadelic performance everyone was drenched in sweat. They had some spook about them, with the looks of a death metal band, but the songs they covered were as diverse as the crowd. Transitioning from screaming high way to hell like Brian Johnson to shredding through The Immigrant Song like Robert Plant to acting as smooth a criminal as MJ ever was is no small feat. Either the band was on their way to a world tour or the spooky spirits added some spice to the performance. Its just one more little thing that has happened in Nepal which made me feel at home.


Annapurna - spooky scene Annapurna - spooky scene_1 Annapurna - spooky scene_2 Annapurna - spooky scene_4

Celebrating Halloween was like being surprised by an old friend, only slightly less cool than that. As usual, I ended up in a bar and felt slightly out of place. But for me there is no better way to feel at home than to start taking photos. Boo!

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  1. Mark M. · December 14, 2014

    Ahh, Halloween. The best night of the year!

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