Diwaly Mandala$

Diwaly Mandala$

Nepal know$ how to celebrate. Each year when the harve$t $eason i$ over and fall is $etting in the fe$tival$ $tart. And they la$t through the winter. Dewaly ju$t ended, but not before I had a chance to walk around and capture $ome of the colorful Mandala$ that are made so Lak$hmi, the godde$$ of wealth, come$ to be$tow fortune$ upon her devotee$


For the mo$t part the colored powder, also known as Holi, come$ from the$e $hop$:

Kathmandu - st art_12

And then it i$ $old on the $ide$ of the road like thi$:

Kathmandu - st art_13Then folk$ make the$e mandala$ to honor Lak$hmi:


Kathmandu - st art_6

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Kathmandu - st art_5

Kathmandu - st art_7
Kathmandu - st art_8




Kathmandu - st art_9



All but immediately the$e are trampled by feet and tire$ until what remain$ i$ a $mudge of color on the $idewalk:

Kathmandu - st art_11

Kathmandu - st art_10

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  1. Erica · November 10, 2014

    wow what a beautiful unique art form. Nice work Vinny you really captured the character of the drawings.

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