“If You Plant Hope You Will Grow Life”

“If You Plant Hope You Will Grow Life”

The gent on the right is Krishna. His foundation, KRMEF, has built eco friendly guest houses, developed volunteer programs, spread the ideas and benefits of BioDymanic Agriculture, and started a school. Recently he brought together community leaders, farmers, students & teachers from 7 countries to learn about Biodynamic Agriculture. Biodynamics essentially refers to the various aspects of organic, sustainable farming. Agriculture can be broken up into two root words: agri, which is latin for land, and culture.

KRMEF - Board


KRMEF - Hans5

Hans Mulder, the Biodynamic Agricultural expert.

Hans Mulder ran the workshop and started off by posing the question “is agriculture still a culture? Or is a business.” He confidently followed it up by reminding the class that human life is connected to the land, and we need to embrace this and live in harmony. As all biodynamic agriculturists, Hans’s expertise extends to soil, seeds, plants, animals, and astrology. His teaching style is a balance of practical applications and technical knowledge with planty of existential highlights.

The first half of the seminar covered the harmful effects of chemical farming, which include weaker plants, lower crop yield, separating people and animals from land, the need for pesticides and ultimately a weaker immune system in the consumer. The second half required all hands on deck, or dirt in this case, as we heading out to the organic farm on the property. The demonstrations and practice was included so that the farmers in the class would be able to immediately implement these biodynamic techniques. Knowledge is not so useful when it just sits in your head.

KRMEF - broomspray_1

Inica demonstrates how to spread the home made organic fertilizer

KRMEF - group shot

The class poses for a photo after learning the ins and outs of properly making a compost pile.

The class made a proper compost pile as well as an organic fertilizer. The pile will sit and compost but the fertilizer got spread immediately. An advanced follow up class will be held last month, it will consist of a three day class covering more detail about the points

KRMEF - Notes Taiwanese

Notes in Taiwanese

KRMEF - Notes Nepalese

Notes in Nepalese

KRMEF - Notes English

Notes in English

The quote used in the title of this post is a direct quote from Hans Mudler’s lesson in organic farming.


Title credit: Hans Mulder


  1. Mark M · November 20, 2014

    Good one Vinny. Being a vegetable gardener, this got my attention.

  2. Erica · December 1, 2014

    love the shot of Inica and of the notebook with Taiwanese writing, such a beautiful written language.

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