Although it is Sandwiched between mountains and forests in the eastern part of landlocked Nepal, Dharan has the feel of a sleepy beach town. As you depart the Main Street you’ll find more folks walking than driving, plenty of Palm trees and just as much fresh air. It’s only an overnight bus ride from Kathmandu but it is a world of difference, in Dharan you can spend your days hiking, mountain biking or lounging by a river and enjoying natures peace.

If you are interested in mountain biking I can give my highest recommendation to Green Wheels. There is a group of locals who ride every day, they know some great trails where you’ll likely see a couple monkeys and possibly even some wild elephant. If it is a hike that your heart desires than just walk in the direction of the mountains where you’ll find a handful of different day hikes. There aren’t any formal trekking agencies which is great because your chances of seeing anyone besides locals on the trails is close to zero.

Dharan was once the recruitment center for the Brigade of Ghurkas, who fought for the British Army. Being paid in pounds instead of rupees has its benefits and it doesn’t take long to be able to spot the large colorful houses that have been built by the Ghurkas.

Dharan - Spider_1

The colors of the spider and the suns reflection on its web caught my eye. It was only afterwards did the though of the spider being poisonous cross my mind….no spiderman powers for me.

Dharan - spices_1

Local girls prepare spices under the light of a traditional Nepalese lamp

Dharan - Mnt Bike

Some of the Green Wheels crew that took me out for a jungle ride.

Dharan - river Boat

The serenity of Seven River

**the featured image for this post was captured during an intense lightening storm right outside Dharan.

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  1. Erica · November 3, 2014

    Awesome shots what a beautiful sky. Duuuudeee never forget the power/danger of a colorful spider.

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