Little Shops

Little Shops

Kathmandu is filled with little shops. Really little shops. Im talking about maybe 3 feet wide and 6 feet deep, but of course no two are the same so thats just an average. As I moseyed through this particular alleyway today I pondered the idea that each little shop and shop owner was special but no one seemed to realize it. So after walking past these shops something inside my head clicked – there was a camera in my hand, and therefore I had the power to share their specialness with the world, or at least with those of you who actually read my blog =)
All the photos were purposefully shot on the go, as to give a realistic perspective of what one might see while walking down this particular alley.
Kathmandu - LittleShops

Melting the top of a big bag of nuts. Where would we be without good nuts?

Kathmandu - LittleShops_7

‘Another day, another rupee’

Kathmandu - LittleShops_6

Just happy it wasn’t blurry because I didn’t even stop walking to take this photo

Kathmandu - LittleShops_5

That is as wide as the shop was. Literally a hole in the wall, but it was her hole in the wall.

Kathmandu - LittleShops_3

Colors and colors and colors. And a guy in his shop

Kathmandu - LittleShops_1

The guy in the back totally saw me coming with a camera and moved so he could be in the frame. It was a bit attitude change from most of the shipowners who either ignored me or asked me not to take photos.

And now you’ve pretty much walked down an alleyway in Kathmandu. The lighting was less than ideal and I was being pushed by locals from both sides so the pictures were rushed, but thats what life is like in an alleyway.

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  1. Ciindy · November 16, 2014

    Vinny, I’ve loved following your blog. Thanks for a glimpse of an ordinary day. Great pics!

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