Peaceful Guy Fawkes

Peaceful Guy Fawkes

I’ve said it in the past and I will likely repeat myself in the future, aimlessly moseying is one of my  favorite ways to truly get to know a new area. A serious break from the chaos of Khao San Road was needed, so we started walking and walked a little more and then kept walking until we happened upon a community of tents. Being the astute gents that we surely are, we sensed an uneasy feeling in the area. It was a sit in, a peaceful protest of recent actions taken by the Thai government, so of course we naturally moseyed on through. The area being occupied was about a quarter mile long and nearly as wide as a 6 lane highway, lined with tents, most of them empty – think ‘Occupy Wall Street’ if the overwhelming majority of the occupiers had day jobs.

I had heard about the protests in the news and it was a bit sensational to stumble upon them. We can all learn something new about the neighborhoods that we are a part of so take some time, mosey more, and learn something new about your area. I’m already looking forward to my next mosey and hearing about yours, keep the comments coming!


A strong indication of a peaceful protest, a Guy Fawkes mask sitting in decay with the fallen leaves

A strong indication of a peaceful protest, a Guy Fawkes mask sitting in decay with the fallen leaves.











The entrance/exit of the protest

The entrance/exit of the protest






scowl of a woman who dislikes photos

Security was heavy and tensions seemed to grow as the prime minister arrived. This woman made it crystal clear that photos were forbidden.


  1. Chris Molle · April 6, 2014

    Loving the blog, Vinny! What an education you are getting! Stay safe and keep moseying!
    Love, Chris

  2. VinnyMo · April 6, 2014

    Thanks Chris! Glad you are following the adventures, I definitely feel like I am learning a lot and certainly meeting some nice people too. Hope all is well back home!

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