Trekking in the Himalayan Wolf’s Territory

Trekking in the Himalayan Wolf’s Territory

The Himalayan wolf is the oldest living wolf/dog species left on the planet. Last month I was fortunate enough to lead a wonderful group of young people on trek through this ancient, and likely soon to be extinct, wolfs hunting grounds in the Spiti Valley. We didn’t exactly spot any wolfs but we camped in clouds at just under 5000 meters, laughed with the locals of Spiti’s highland villages, built a greenhouse so a local monastery can have fresh vegetables in the winter and still found time to practice some yoga.

wolf trek - Amarblogg

This is Amar, he was the local that accompanied us for the week. After I showed him this photo he said “I look like terrorist” and we had a good laugh about it


wolf trek - master chef

Our Master Chef for the week. This guy made the best chow mien I have ever had

wolf trek - rohit

Rohit,  a mountaineering guide from a neighboring state who joined us on the trek. He has an incredible knowledge of American pop culture an British humor. It is interesting to meet someone from a different country who knows more about your countries pop culture than you do.

wolf trek - smoke chef

See that lovely pile of yak, cow and donkey dung in the bottom right corner of this photo? Thats what the fire is made from. Its sustainable and smells great.

Wolf trek rohit demul

Rohit looks down on the village of Demul

Wolf trek 5k meters

The Spiti Valley from a 15,000 foot view point that took about 6 hours to get to.


  1. Mark M · September 26, 2014

    Unbelievable shots. You’re getting pretty good at this.

  2. Erica · September 27, 2014

    Wow these are gorgeous. What an awesome view of the village and I love the shot of the smoke rippling out from the fire.

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