This is Kaza, its been a great place to spend a few months and these are some photos taken while I was moseying around. Of course there are people here as well but thats another story for another post which is not far behind this one.


Cows popping their heads over a wall to say MOO (which is obviously cow talk for ‘hey dood’) is normal

Kaza cow



Its the only village in Spiti where migrant workers get shit done with style.

kaza dirt toss1

kaza dirt toss


There is a wild glacial river that supports the Green Pea fields

kaza - spiti river

The Spiti River


The worlds highest gas station

Kaza gas station


Kaza’s monastery

Kaza Monestr

Front of the Monastery. The colors seem even more vibrant due to the desert landscape that surrounds the building.

Kaza Monestr1_1

The inside may possibly be even more vibrant than the outside

Kaza Monestr1

The intricate design that covers the entire perimeter.

A captivated audience at Kaza's Cultural Program fair in August 2014

A captivated audience at Kaza’s Cultural Program fair in August 2014








  1. Mark Morano · August 27, 2014

    Beautiful pics. The cow made me laugh.

  2. Erica · September 3, 2014

    I like how this post highlights the stark contrast between the land and the workers and the elaborate and elegant decor of the Monastery. It must be humbling to witness a culture who devotes all of their design and “glam” entirely to their god.

  3. Raisa Stockbridge · September 3, 2014

    I love that cow

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