Angkor Wat in a Puddle

Angkor Wat in a Puddle

There is no doubt that Angkor Wat is a beautiful, sacred, and absolutely marvelous place. Every step I took while in its confines was packed with a wow factor. Its size, age, elegance and the raw power that it must have taken to construct all added to its mystique.  Very few photos do justice to this temple and without doubting my skills as a photographer I realized going into this one that  nailing a a few traditionally breathtaking shots of the wats wasn’t in the cards with the equipment I have right now. So instead of delivering photos that we have all seen hundreds of times I am presenting a fresh new take on the temples of Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and The Bayon Temple.

Its late May and Cambodia is heading into its rainy season, which is great because the rain breaks the heat. Its also great because, generally speaking, with rain comes puddles. So I decided to use what nature had provided me with that morning. This collection consists of reflections capturing, or at least attempting to capture, the awe of the Angkor Wat temple complex.










I wouldn’t have previously associated Palm Trees with Angkor Wat, but they are everywhere and can be just as much a part of the experience as the temples themselves.


palmtree puddle







  1. Michael Ferlazzo · June 3, 2014

    Hello Vin, how are the two of you. What a great concept, pictures from the reflection on a puddle of water. Amazing pics,wish I was there

  2. VinnyMo · June 3, 2014

    Hey Mr. Ferlazzo,

    Glad your enjoying the photos, it sure was a beautiful place. Mike and I are well, we went our separate ways yesterday but we will meet up again in a couple months. I’m in New Delhi, I love it and India is only going to get better as I head north. I think mike may meet me here when (if) he leaves Sicily.


  3. Erica · June 3, 2014

    I love this. Great Idea. Best photos yet.

  4. Brett Robbins · June 4, 2014

    Hey Vin,

    I hope you’re doing well. I was telling some of my students about your adventures this week in class, and it truly blew their minds. Dropping off of the grid to travel for months at a time had never been highlighted as an option for them going through school, not in the way you’re doing it at least. I guess that’s not too surprising since it still seems nearly impossible/unbelievable to many of us as adults. I just figured I’d let you know that while we don’t read “Into the Wild” or “On the Road” to encounter such inspirational alternatives to the nine-five lifestyle, my Stoneham/Melrose/Malden 9th graders do now know about the continuing saga of Vinny Morano.

    Stay safe and keep inspiring,

    P.S. Happy Birthday!

    • VinnyMo · June 17, 2014


      God to hear from you amigo, thanks a lot for checking out the blog, and glad to hear your sharing with the youngsters =) I am in India now in a village called Kaza and this is the first time i have had intenret in a couple weeks, we usually dont even have electricity for more than a few hours a day…but man theres a whole big world out there and I hope more people from back home try to explore it so thanks for passing the word on to some maliable minds. Wish i had a teacher as cool as you when i was growing up. We’ll catch up soon,


  5. Ciindy · June 5, 2014

    Amazing photos Vinny! Imagine if you did have all your fancy equipment. You might never had come up with such amazing images. Continued safe travels.

  6. Ryan · June 9, 2014

    Dude I’m loving the puddle reflections! They look awesome. Miss you bud keep killing it out there!

  7. Diane · June 10, 2014

    Perfect puddle pictures. Looking forward to India.

  8. Nick · June 17, 2014

    Loving the pics!

  9. Raisa · June 23, 2014

    This. Is. Amazing.

    Favorite so far for sure! Miss you buddy, your talent is pretty ridiculous :).

  10. Tony P · June 24, 2014

    What gorgeous photos……………….what a fantastic time in your life! Stay safe!!!!

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