Favorite Tree: Laos Edition

Favorite Tree: Laos Edition

Its tough to think that it has been a whole month since I first entered Laos, and yet it has been such an exciting country to travel through that even if we indulged for another month it still would have been too soon to leave. Some of my favorite time spent in Laos was in the mountains of the north, where the heat was just slightly less oppressive than it was in the south. There were also lots of trees, and that is what brings us together here today – here are a few of the favorites!


budding tree

A baby banana tree budding with the glory of youth. This little guy was growing in the hills of Luang Namtha.

Don Det

I couldn’t decide which of these trees on Don Det was more impressive, so let’s call these my two favorite trees on the island.

Last Tree Standing

Along with the physical uniqueness of this massive Charlie Brown christmas tree, the vast emptiness of the field lent some allure to this lone survivor. This is a field on the Laotian side of the border by Mengla, China.




  1. Erica · May 20, 2014

    Love the cover photo its perfect in black and white.

  2. Michael Ferlazzo · May 21, 2014

    Each picture is a story of its own, where did you get the banana hat, you look great. I see them everywhere now, you’re starting a trend.

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