Taking Photos, and finding The Interwebs

Taking Photos, and finding The Interwebs

My one way to Bangkok leaves in four days and my nerves seem to have just woke up a few hours ago when I got hit with a wee bit of anxiety – what if i don’t say ‘bye for now’  to everyone, what if something happens to my camera equipment while traveling, how will I survive without my Birkenstocks… Thankfully I had the opportunity to take some photos for my favorite new band, Off and On (www.weareoffandon.com), and all of a sudden I remembered how my worries seem to dissaperate when I get behind a camera. With that thought tucked away in my sweater pocket, my nerves melted and I’m nothing but excited for this. Stay tuned for some fun photos of my travels because Ill be shooting everyday and posting whenever I can find the inter-webs. The photo above is Ryan and below is Tim, Justine, and Rosie of Off and On – thanks for the music guys!



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  1. Mark Morano · March 25, 2014

    Here’s the deal…
    You’re going to have a fantastic time,
    Your parents will worry ’til you get back,
    I’m gonna get your Birks resoled for you,
    So take lots of pics, post often, have fun,
    And don’t catch any cooties.
    Love you,

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