A Walk in LA

A Walk in LA

LA is the city of suffering. That is, according to me, at this particular moment. That could, and will, change depending on who you ask. LA is something different for each human living here, and believe me there are a lot of them – almost 4 million.

With skateboarding culture, homelessness, and the root of smog concentrated in abundance at each turn, there is  no shortage of the american dream.

In this never ending sprawl each neighborhood seems to have its own quintessence. So this was a walk from Lincoln Heights to Echo park, right after sunset, on Tuesday in March, was a completely unspectacular evening. Lots of traffic, not many humans.

CA - LA walk_5SM

CA - LA walk_1SM
CA - LA walk_2SM

CA - LA walk_3SM

CA - LA walk_4SM

CA - LA walk_6SM
CA - LA walkSM

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