Pancake Anarchy

Pancake Anarchy

Some had hemp seeds, other had nutritional yeast. Some soy sauce, other Tapatio. Tomatoes, lemon cucumbers, garlic, peppers, onion, sweet potatoes, peanut butter, coconut oil, kale, and anything else we had in the back of our car went into these pancakes. It was a no holds barred, full power, all out, pancake shakedown and every second of it felt great. Liberating. There were no rules, no list of ingredients that were deemed unusable or undesirable. All were welcome, and so goes the game of breakfast, sometimes.

Other times, maybe even most of the time, we find ourselves restricted by social constructs or rules that we have learned and now hold as truths. So to break away from the grind, the day-to-day monotony, maybe we could all take a few minutes and eat more pancakes with peanut butter, kale, and hot-sauce.



CA - Garberville Pancakemadness_2SM

CA - Garberville Pancakemadness_3SM

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