Dear Magnolia,

Dear Magnolia,

Detractor of gravity

You’ve taken the weight off my shoulders

My back, my knees, and my mind


Flying over mountains

High passes with sub freezing winds slapping us around

The lowest of lows with scorching temperatures

Death Valley, the Mojave

You kept your cool when I lost mine


A violet ray skimming through gravity

Provider of shade and a safe place to lay

We discovered the wonders of nature

Had our high times

A sunshine daydream.



VT - NY State LineSmall

Leaving Vermont on August 5. Driving through upstate NY for the first time was a far cry from my experience in NYC. Farm stands galore, friendly people, and some rough winds.

MN - Dirt roadsSmall

Middle America aka the homogeneous blur between the eastern and western United States.

SD - Sunflower MagnoliaSmall

I felt this small in the expanse of farmlands throughout South Dakota

WY - Jackson - Mormon MagnoliaSmall

The historic ‘Mormon Row’ outside of Jackson, WY. Yay for Mormonism!

UT - ArchesSmall

First Mars landing: Arches National Park, UT.

UT - CanyonlandsSmall

I would like to officially thank the Honda Engineers of the 1980s for designing this bike to double as a lounge chair. Thanks homies!

NV - Vegass

Driving the Vegas strip took a lot out of me, had a quick nap before continuing on into the Mojave National Preserve for some desert camping.

CA - Death Valley_8Small

It was over 120 degrees during the day so I decided the only way to drive around Death Valley with any level of comfort was to get up at 2am and explore until I found a spot to catch the sunrise.









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