Equestrian Pyre: A Balinese Tradition

Equestrian Pyre: A Balinese Tradition

The shadow of death passes over a beloved. Friends and family manifest a large horse and float it down the street.

Bali - cremation222

But it’s no smooth ride – think ‘mechanical bull’ only it’s not a bull, and there are no mechanical parts – just a bunch of friends who for one reason or another want the man up top to fall off. Sure it seems a bit cruel but traditions are traditions…
Bali - cremation333

Bali - Cremation_11


The horse is leading the precession, followed by some other large structures. However, in the old days when this tradition was created they didn’t have to worry about power lines knocking over their moving monuments.
Bali - cremation999


Bali - Cremation_22

These woman look back at the fallen contraption with a grave confusion. “Who put those power lines there?!?”


“If killing baby pigs and putting them on a stick is cool, consider me Miles Davis”

Bali - Cremation_33

said no one, ever.

All of the rights and rituals are performed – now this guy will go straight to heaven.

Bali - Cremation_66

Prayers and stuff..
Bali - Cremation_99


Now lets burn it down

Bali - Cremation_88

Well that was fun. Thanks for coming, folks. 
Bali - Cremation_100


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