Things Made with hands

Things Made with hands

Things made with hands. My hands. Sure there are many hands making far more beautiful things in Bali, being that it’s arguably most concentrated area of skilled crafts people and artists in the world. Just stroll down any street leading in or out of Ubud and you’ll find yourself in jaw dropping awe at the mastery of wood sculptures, and not just in one or two shops.  But I blame my father for showing my how to use a piece of sandpaper.

A friend asked me to fix some spelling errors in the menu of his cafe, they were created in Word, a program I don’t have. So like many good things these menus came out of a creative need. He needed new menus, I got creative, and maybe a tree was saved in the process. We stopped by the lumber yard down the street and where there is a lumbar yard there is a heaping pile of scrap wood. Digging through the pile of scraps seemed like a far better option than paying for wood to make menus. Especially because I wasn’t so confident that these menus would come out well enough to use. But one saw, two pieces of sandpaper and many hours of meditative sanding later I ended up with these…


Bali - Kahiyang Menu_11

Bali - Kahiyang Menu_33

Bali - Kahiyang Menu_44



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