‘The Million Rupiah Photo’

‘The Million Rupiah Photo’

“Take me a million Rupiah picture”. That’s what she said to me as we moseyed along a Balinese beach as the sun set. So I took a picture.

Is the photo actually worth one million rupiah? What about helping a selfless family who picked me up off the streets of Kathmandu and gave me a hot meal and a place to sleep when I was lost? If anyone will pay one million Rupiah for this photo ($85) then I will donate the money to my friend, Sunil Thapa, in Kathmandu. His house was destroyed in the recent earthquake, that’s it in the photo up there ^^^. Please help and donate any amount, it will be routed through an NGO in Nepal and 100% of it will go to helping Sunil’s family.

Here is the ‘million rupiah photo:

Nusa Pineda_3S

Sunil and his family are now homeless, living in a tent in their back yard, wondering how they will pay to fix their home as the torrential rainy season is fast approaching.


The dirt floor will quickly turn into a uninhabitable mud pit.

Sunil Thapa

Sunil, Agata, Me, Dorota =)

After a month of moseying around the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal my friends Dorota and Agata accompanied me in hitchhiking from Pokhara to Kathmandu. Ten hours after leaving Pokhara we got dropped off on the outskirts of Kathmandu, about 10 miles from where we needed to be. Its was 9pm, the buses had stopped for the night, and no one around seemed to speak English. So we reluctantly befriended the idea of enjoying the next four-five hours walking through Kathmandu to find our home. After about 20 minutes Sunil appeared out of nowhere and asks where we are going. He advised us not to walk that far at night, and then invited us to stay in his home. I glanced back to read the faces of my friends. They had no problems with the new plan so we gratefully accepted his selfless invitation. Upon our arrival Sunil’s mother, Maiya, cooked us Dal Bhat – Nepal’s national dish – and made up some beds for us to sleep in. The rest of the night was spent hanging out with Sunil, his brother Manoj, and a few of his friends. He even walked us to a bus station in the morning. A true gentleman.

If I had money I would pay to fix his house. But I don’t, so I am doing the only thing I have the means to do at this point – ask for help. As much as it would feel good to sell the ‘million rupiah photo’ I am willing to send you any of my photographs for a donation.

Want to help more? Ask your employer if they have a budget for charity, send this to your friends, family, anyone. The money will be sent to Sunil through an NGO operating in Nepal and you can be assured that your money will be used to its full potential.

A full re-build of the house will cost about $6,000. Please email me at vin.morano@gmail.com if you can help.











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  1. danieljoquinn · June 10, 2015

    Great article Vin, I wish this family the best.

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