“Vincent is a wise man, he doesn’t take showers, he is saving the water for the next generation”

“Vincent is a wise man, he doesn’t take showers, he is saving the water for the next generation”

Finally! Someone who understand me. That is one of the favorite sayings of my friend Iwan. Others include “My coffee makes you happy, if your already happy than my coffee makes you happier” and “I know you! You like coffee”. Lets not for get about this one “My english is bad, the coffee is better!”. My personal favorite? “I am addict” this usually comes about after pulling his nose out of a freshly ground jar of his freshly roasted beans.

Iwan calls this his ‘barking shop’ and he sells with a passion that the corporate world has been trying for decades to design a formula for. All day he makes coffee and ‘barks’ at people walking by his shop. But he’s not just standing on the corner selling someone else’s drogas, he is growing the beans himself and roasting them in small batches down the street from the barking shop. He has some other workers whos barks, despite their best efforts, simply aren’t filled with the love that Iwan, the self-proclaimed coffee addict, has for his beans. I’ve been known to open up the shop early in the morning and try my hand at barking, there are a lot of nice people around Ubud, and I usually end up making some friends. I’d like to think it’s because I’m a great conversationalist, but i know the truth – people come for the coffee.


Bali - coffee2

A hand press espresso machine – saving the energy for the next generation.

Bali - coffee3

This is poop. Its pooped out by an animal in the cat family called the Luwak. It eats the coffee cherries when they are ripe and the beans go through a fermentation process in its stomach. The end result is the most expensive coffee in the world – ‘Kopi Luwak’

Bali - coffee4

Like a young Pablo Escobar experimenting with his product. Iwan doesn’t rely on any fancy techmology, he knows when his beans are roasted to perfection by the look and smell of them.

Bali - coffee5

Bali - coffee6

Bali - coffee7


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  1. very daendels · June 6, 2015

    Love it ….
    O man, his coffee addicted, especially coconut watered coffee. Keep your costumers happy Iwan…

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