Adventures of Pai   pt. 2

Adventures of Pai pt. 2

Day two on the peds was what I would call ‘a wash.’ We drove almost half way to Chang Mai, about 60KM, before we realized we were going in the opposite direction of the caves we were looking for. The good news in this is that we rode miles and miles of the most exciting switchbacks and S curves that I have ever seen, if only my ped a bit more pep in its step.


harvest trees

The good part about getting lost is that you usually find something that you didn’t realize you were looking for


Before taking off on day 3 we centered ourselves with a fresh pot of locally grown green tea and a good look at a map. When you are navigating through Thailand’s mountains and a sign says something is a certain distance away, I have two theories for judging the distance. Theory one is to simply multiply that number by 3. Theory two is assume that the distance noted is ‘as the crow flies’ and that the road you will be traveling through is packed with heavy switchbacks the entire way; using one of these will give you a more accurate estimation of how far you still have to travel and eliminate your sense of false hope along the way. After 50km and  few lessons learned we arrived at Lod Cave.

cave leader

This was our guide, a young Thai woman who navigated the cave barefoot…starting right after I took this photo

cave guide

This was another raft guide that we passed, smiling in typical Thai fashion

cave stuff

Some insides of the cave, stalagmites, stalactites, tomato, tomato


raft guide

This was our guide leading us out of the caves

cavebroom zm

This gent was making brooms in the forest, seemed like a good idea to him, and to me as well.





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  1. Erica Baptiste · April 22, 2014

    Looks like Carlsbad, NM! I’m so happy you got to spend time in a cave : )

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