Working The Corner

Working The Corner

I wasn’t selling my body. Or drugs. But yesterday morning I ended up on a bustling corner in downtown Pokhara.

The 5am alarm sounded right on time and I rolled out of bed to get ready, fully aware that I couldn’t use bad weather as an excuse. It has rained the day before, and earlier in the previous evening but sleeping in an open aired, tin roofed room makes it easy to be in touch with the current weather conditions. So I got up and walked down the road to meet the crew whom I would be sharing this adventure with. We had some coffee and I ate my day old samosas which I would later realize, for the 4th time, is always a bad idea. After 20 minutes of sitting on the back of a motorcycle and holding hands with a friend on a bicycle to pull him along we made it to the trash municipality.

This was another Karma Flights adventure and was intended to follow-up on the waste management education program we have been working on. So we spent an hour driving behind a trash truck to help pick up waste and take some photos. After it ended, I hung around on the corner to make some friends…


Pokhara - from a corner_6SMALL

Pokhara - from a corner_5SMALL

Pokhara - from a cornerSMALL Pokhara - from a corner_1SMALL  Pokhara - from a corner_3SMALL


  1. Erica · February 26, 2015

    It’s good to see a new post. The color scheme in these photos goes nicely with the backdrop color of your blog, lookin good : )

  2. Kevin · February 26, 2015

    Great pics and cool story!!

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