Adventures of Pai   pt.1

Adventures of Pai pt.1

First impressions can be important and maybe the friendly smiles and artists selling their work set the tone for the rest of my time here, or maybe Pai is actually as cool as I think it is. The artist community has a noticeable prescence and seeing their handmade crafts on the road instead of the same mass produced wearables and souvenirs that I had seen in Bangkok and Chaing Mai felt good. I was also on the verge of getting car sick from the mini bus that hauled us through the bumpy switchbacks from Chaing Mai, so Pai’s welcoming streets could not have made me happier.

Pai is located in May Hong Son, it is the most mountainous region in Thailand and with that comes lots of adventures just waiting to be had. Adventure 1: Renting scooters, or ‘peds’ as the English say, and hitting the road towards the Pai Canyons. Not more than 20km out of town, the Canyons offer hiking, scenery and if you were to go mid day in April like we did, lots of oppressive heat.

Pai Canyons

First sign of life, or last

First sign of life, or last

I walked (climbed?) down this path

I walked (climbed?) down this path

Pai Canyons path


  1. Erica · April 12, 2014

    Now thats what I’m talking about ; ) beautiful shots Vin the first image under the text is fantastic

    • VinnyMo · April 13, 2014

      Gracias Erica! There will be an Adventures of Pai Pt 2 coming next week so stay tuned! I can’t wait to hear what you think

  2. Rocio · April 12, 2014

    Wow Vinny! Was finally able to catch up with your past few weeks in Thailand. I’m so impressed. Both your entries and the photos are stunning and painting a real picture of the land. I can’t wait to see more! Stay safe and adventurous :)

    • VinnyMo · April 13, 2014

      Thanks Rosie!

      Congrats on the first show! I hear that Off and On killed it. When are you guys playing a show in Thailand???

      • Rocio · April 14, 2014

        We’re planning on heading East (or is it so Far East that it’s West? Lol) ASAP!!! Spread the word about those fresh new jams! Wish you could’ve been at the show. Miss you!

        • VinnyMo · April 14, 2014

          Thats so awesome! Id be so happy for you guys if you make the move out there, and it will be even more motivation (not that i need any) to move out that way when i get home!

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