Villages Around Annapurna

Sometimes when I look at a photograph the image streams through my eyes and finds it way directly into my heart. So naturally I want to share it. But I don’t always know how. Blindly hurling it into the universe  of social media doesn’t feel like doing it justice. Perhaps I think too highly of my work. Or perhaps I simply know the feeling of scrolling down through Facebook just quickly enough to click ‘like’ here and there. I don’t wish for these photos to gain hundreds of likes, I want them to be seen. Not seen for publicity sake, or because ‘i’ took them, but seen because beautiful moments are happening all around the world, literally everywhere,  and seeing them makes me happy. So this is but a small attempt to pass on some happiness that has been shared with me.


Annapurna - faces_15

This boys family cooked for me when I found myself four hours away from the trail in a small mountain top village with no markets and no restaurants. I hope someday I have the opportunity to feed a weary traveler.

Annapurna - faces_23

The legal limit for a porter to carry in Nepal is 40kg. That is about 80lbs…One time I tried to pick one of these things up and my back wasn’t the same for a couple of days. Working as a porter is the way many young men come to know the trails. It is their foot in the door to become mountain guides.

Annapurna - faces_35

This little guy was walking back from school in a village called Marpha.

Annapurna - faces_36

Their timing could not have been better. Just as I thought I had a great shot of a cows ass these three lovely ladies poked their heads around the corner for a perfect photobomb.

Annapurna - faces_19SMALL

More people should walk up mountains carrying heavy bamboo shoots, i think its good for the soul. This guy seemed pretty happy about it at least.

Annapurna - faces_33SMALL

A little moment of family bonding. This photo, taken between some weathered prayer wheels, is from somewhere around Marpha. It is a part of Nepal with a heavy influence from Tibetan culture that can be seen not only in the dress of the locals but in their way of life also.

Annapurna - landslide_1SMALL

This is a heavy landslide area along the trail. Stopping probably wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done but surely i’ve made worse decisions…

Annapurna - places whitewallSMALL

Annapurna - places_20SMALL

Almost three weeks into the trek and this is the first view of Annapurna 1. It’s the snow-capped peak on the left and it was the first 8000+ meter peak ever climbed (by a human – but ill bet the Yeti had been up there once or twice before the Frenchman Maurice Herzog made it to the top)

Annapurna - Shri KarkaSMALL

Annapurna - Thorong La_1SMALL

I started this day around 4am and finally made it to Thorong La (about 5400 meters/ 17,700ft) right as the sun was coming up. I made great time going up because I nearly ran the entire way to keep my sandaled feet from freezing.

Annapurna - Thorong La_3SMALL

Hey Mom – I’m on top of a mountain! I made it to the top so early there was no one to take a photo for me so this is my first and (hopefully) last selfie that I’ll be sharing. The colors in the back are prayer flags that people bring up as offerings to the gods, kinda like leaving cookies out for Santa – you know he’s not getting them but its the thought that counts.



  1. Lorna · April 19, 2015

    Great photos Vinny, thanks for sharing.

  2. Cindy · April 25, 2015

    Vinny my heart is happy that you are able to be present in all this beauty and that you are fulfilling a life dream. Thanks so much for sharing these amazing photos. Be safe. Sending hugs!

  3. Michael Ferlazzo · May 1, 2015

    Truly breath taking, kike being their. I don’t know whats better the the pictures you take or the stories you paint with your words and by the way you should take more selfies . I’m sure your mom would like that

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