Things Made With Hands – Along the Annapurna Circuit

Things Made With Hands – Along the Annapurna Circuit

Thus far the Things Made With Hand series has had one subject, but there are few things that make me happier than breaking from the mold and changing direction, even when its a mold I developed. I spent most of November walking around Nepal’s Annapurna region, it was possibly one of the most exciting things I have ever done. The landscapes, the people, the unity with nature, it was all there. One of my favorite parts was how remote some of the villages were. The locals there are smart, and they figured out a long time ago that relying on anyone else may be a futile effort; in their wisdom it seems as though they have decided that futile efforts should be done away with. So when something needs to be done, they do it. And they don’t have any fancy tools or machinery in the mountains, so when they do things, they do them with their hands.


Annapurna - faces food_1

The beginnings of a sel roti, also known as a Nepali donut, made from rice flour. Anyone who knows me will understand the joy I felt upon seeing a woman in a hut making these along the trail. Yes, they are as good as they look. Maybe even better.

Annapurna - faces _2

No kerosene or diesel fuel to start a fire this high up in the mountains. We started this baby with our hands! And the used it to warm our hands because it was well below freezing and fire is the only heating systems around.

Annapurna - faces _1

Need some wood to build a house? Cut down a tree with an axe and then saw it into 2×6’s. Made. With. Hands.

Annapurna - faces_42


Annapurna - faces_40

Annapurna - faces_39

This guy is making a shirt. Its so foreign to me look around the village and know that all of the men with button down shirts bought them from this guy. Sometimes I feel like I’ve gone back in time, and I like it. And thats no electric powered sewing machine, there is a pedal at the bottom which this guy powers with his legs, giving life to the needle. 


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  1. Erica · March 23, 2015

    Great post, I still love the theme. I don’t know about that wood cutting photo though, looks a little sketchy…

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